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GR 11 The hidden lake

Lake Bernatuara

Most of the mountain lakes in Sobrarbe are in remote places and always at considerable altitudes as their origins are connected with the action of ice during the last Ice Age. However, few mountain lakes are in such a strange location as Lake Bernatuara, surrounded by peaks as if it wanted to hide from potential visitors.

To a certain extent, it has achieved this purpose because it is a long and lonely trek to the border with France.

In addition, the route to the lake will enable us to observe the differences in the landscape between the two sides of Lapazosa Valley, precisely where two of the great geological units of the Pyrenees join.

Finally, the stunning views of mounts Taillón, Gabietos, Otal and Viñemal are enough to make the route worthwhile.

The most experienced mountaineers can extend the route by climbing Mount Bernatuara (2,716 m), which offers the best views of the Spanish and French mountainsides.

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  • Route: San Nicolas Bujaruelo-Bernatuara Mountain Lake. Optional climb to the peak of the same name.
  • Type of Route:Linear (return along the same route).
  • Difficulty level: Medium-high. The path is not difficult, but the final section is very steep and special care is required when crossing snowfields that may survive during part of the summer. In addition, the second part of the route is not marked with signs, only markers, some of which may be covered by the grass in summer. The climb to the summit of Mount Bernatuara (optional) runs along a ridge that is somewhat complicated and exposed.
  • Duration: 3.5 hours. (one way) The return trip requires another 2 hours. It you decide to climb Mount Bernatuara you will need to add an hour for the ascent and another for the descent.
  • Length 15 kilometres (round trip)
  • Gradient: 1000 metres. If you decide to climb Mount Bernatuara add another 550 metres.
  • Starting point : San Nicolás de Bujaruelo. In order to reach this point: starting at Torla, head towards Pradera de Ordesa until you come to the Navarros Bridge (near the barrier that prevents the passage of private vehicles in summer). From here, head towards Bujaruelo on a dirt track in good condition, although cars will have to take care at the points where ravines are crossed. Access to Bujaruelo by private vehicle is not limited in summer but it can be very busy. .
  • Comments Marked route that coincides with GR11 (white and red marks) as far as Stop 3. Beyond that point, there are only some stone markers.
  • OTHER RELATED GEO-ROUTES: Geo-routes 9 and 12 and the PN11 all start at the same point.

Recomentations in your visit to Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

  • Safe visits, unforgettable experiences. There are companies who collaborate with the Geopark where you can hire specialized guides to make your tour a unique and safe experience.
  • Respect the geological outcrops. Do not break off samples of rock, mineral or fossils; anly take the loose pieces

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