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GR 18 The Jewel of Cotiella

Labasar Refuge- Basa de la Mora (Ibón de Plan)

The Ibón de Plan or Basa de la Mora glacial lake is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful enclaves in the Pyrenees. Located in the heart of the Cotiella massif, it is surrounded by impressive limestone peaks forming a frame that highlights its beauty. The visit can be made after a long climb on foot or after a short walk thanks to a public toll road out of Saravillo.

Apart from being a beautiful sight due to the action of ancient glaciers, the glacial lake’s surroundings reveal the action of other geological processes which, together, have generated this impressive landscape.

And, as though this were not enough, the lake hides in its depths a surprise that helps us to better understand the climate of the last 10,000 years. Sediments, water, ice, rocks, vegetation, cold and gravity have joined together to produce this geological jewel, a “must” visit for all those who wish to discover the most spectacular corners of the Sobrarbe Geopark.

You only need to download the pdf of Geo-Route GR 18 The Jewel of Cotiella


  • Route: Labasar Refuge-Plan glacial lake. The route from the Refuge is part of the PR-HU 87, which starts in Plan. It also partly coincides with GR-15 that comes from Saravillo and goes to Barbaruens.
  • Type of Route:Linear (there and back along the same route).
  • Difficulty level: Low. Being an elevated area there may be snow until well into spring.
  • Duration:2 hours (there and back).
  • Length: 3.5 kilometres (there and back).
  • Gradient: 80-metre gradient upwards and downwards (there and back).
  • Starting point Lavasar Refuge. Access by vehicle from Saravillo takes a forest track suitable for cars and subject to payment or you can be accessed on foot from Plan.
  • Comments Access by vehicle: From Saravillo takes a forest track suitable for cars a 14-km long and subject to payment (about 3€). At the start of the track, close to the barrier, there is a machine that dispenses tickets for using the track. Take your ticket and leave it in a visible place on the dashboard of your car when you park at the end of the track. There are several turnings off the track but the way to the glacial lake, following the main track, is always signposted. Once you reach the Refuge, park your car in the vicinity and go to it to start your walk. In winter, snow may prevent access to the glacial lake, which is at an altitude of 1,900 metres. Access on foot: The glacial lake can also be accessed after a long and beautiful climb up a more than one thousand metre gradient from Plan (PR-HU 87).

Recomentations in your visit to Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

  • Safe visits, unforgettable experiences. There are companies who collaborate with the Geopark where you can hire specialized guides to make your tour a unique and safe experience.
  • Respect the geological outcrops. Do not break off samples of rock, mineral or fossils; anly take the loose pieces

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