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GR 9 Whims of water for lonely mountaineers

Ordiso Valley

This route takes us to Lake Ordiso, one of the remotest in Sobrarbe, on a clearly visible and, above all, long path. The reward will be to visit a unique geological event. The mountain lake receives water from a small upwelling, and a few kilometres further downstream from the lake, it rushes into a chasm that acts as a huge natural basin. The water appears again at the end of Ordiso Valley, creating a waterfall. Therefore, this route visits a unique river, a surface and underground water course, which proves that the underground rocks in this area hide much more than you might expect. In addition, glaciers carved the Ordiso Valley and when we visit it, we will be able to observe the evidence of its ice-related origins. Finally, the views from the track of the Viñemal, of the Mount Perdido Massif and of Otal Valley would, in themselves, be worth taking this Geo-Route.

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  • Route: Mesón de Bujaruelo - Ordiso Mountain Lake ( Ibón de Ordiso). It runs along part of the GR 11.
  • Type of Route:Linear (return along the same route).
  • Difficulty level:Medium-high. The first part of the route, as far as Ordiso Bridge, runs along a well-marked track. After that point, you will have to follow some markers or pathways that are not always clear and sometimes disappear. Therefore, although the route does not present any technical difficulties, care must be taken and a bit of intuition is needed.
  • Duration: 4.5 hours. (one way) The return trip is downhill and requires another 3 hours. Long and tough route.
  • Length 27 kilometres (return)
  • Gradient: 1,000 metres up and 450 metres down.
  • Starting point San Nicolás de Bujaruelo. In order to reach this point, we will have to go to the town of Torla and then continue along the road to Pradera in Ordesa Valley (Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park). At Puente de los Navarros, where the barrier that prevents the access of private vehicles to the Pradera car park in the summer is located, we shall turn left towards Bujaruelo (indicated). A seven-kilometre unpaved track starts here, although it can be used by all types of vehicles. It ends near the San Nicolás campsite, and the path starts behind the main building.
  • Comments Trekking sticks may be useful on the grassy sections of the route. At the head of the Ordiso Valley (even above the lake), there are a lot of cattle; therefore, it is advisable to take your own water as almost all the rivers are used by the cows. This is a long route and its main attraction is Ordiso Valley, consequently all the Stops suggested are in this sector of the route.

IMPORTANT: This Geo-Route visits a mountainous area, the conditions of which depend on the weather. The route is not difficult or dangerous, but it does require knowing how to walk in the mountains. The map included serves to identify the Stops, but is not enough to find your way on the route. It is imperative that you take a hiking map of the area, and it is highly advisable to take a GPS.

Recomentations in your visit to Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

  • Safe visits, unforgettable experiences. There are companies who collaborate with the Geopark where you can hire specialized guides to make your tour a unique and safe experience.
  • Respect the geological outcrops. Do not break off samples of rock, mineral or fossils; anly take the loose pieces

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