Geoparque Unesco

Partnership Protocol Agreement


Boltaña, 22nd September 2008.

This partnership protocol agreement is made by and between the President of the Sobrarbe County Council, Mr. ..............................., on behalf of the Sobrarbe County Council, empowered for the execution of this agreement according to the Sobrarbe County Council Ordinary Meeting held on ..... September 2008, according to the previous decision made by the Sobrarbe County Territorial Planning and Development Advisory Board; and Mr. / Ms. .................................., (POSITION) on behalf of................... (NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION).

Both parties being empowered with the required faculties to execute this agreement.


The Sobrarbe County Council, according to the article 5.1.12. in the Law 5/2003, passed on 26th February On the Constitution of the Sobrarbe County, is entitled to decide, among other matters, in tourism promotion-related matters.

According to the article 23 of the Legislative Decree 1/2006, passed on 27th December by the Aragon Government, approving the rewritten text of the Law for the division of the territory into counties in Aragon, in relation to those activities aiming to promote tourism, county councils are entitled to promote tourism activities and to implement any action aiming to improve, update or coordinate the tourism industry.

According to the implementation of the legislation above, Decree 4/2005, passed on 11th January by the Aragon Government, modifying the Decrees by the Aragon Government for the transfer of functions and services from the Aragon Administration to the County Councils Administrations, according to its section C.2.1., the Sobrarbe County Council is entitled, within its territory and among other matters, to promote its resources and tourism activities in its county, and to develop, preserve, improve and protect those resources.

According to the legislation and objectives mentioned above, the Sobrarbe County Council, by means of the Tourism Dynamization Plan, developed from 2002 to 2006, invested in its geological resources, and started promoting geotourism by means of the implementation of several tourism-related actions, such as the Geocampus.

After implementing several geology-related actions for the Geocampus Project, in 2006 the Sobrarbe County was accepted as an official member of the European Geoparks Network and UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

The Sobrarbe County Council, within the UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Pirineos, aims to promote geotourism and to develop, to study and to preserve the geological resources in our county, to improve tourism quality, in relation to geological resources in the Geopark, as well as to teach and to popularize contents related to geological resources in our Geopark.

The organization (NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION) holds in high esteem the Geopark promoting activities held by the Sobrarbe County Council, and thus it expresses its wish to work together in the development and implementation of these promoting actions, by means of its own activities.

According to the above mentioned, both parties execute the present Agreement hereby according to the following provisions:


I. Purpose.

The objective of this protocol is to define and delimit the scope of this partnership agreement between organizations in the Sobrarbe County, for the promotion and popularization of the UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Pirineos by means of the implementation of their own activities.

II. Obligations.

1. The Sobrarbe County Council undertakes to fulfil the following obligations by the execution of the present agreement hereby:

  • To provide the partner with the UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Pirineosdistinctive to be displayed in its facilities.
  • To provide the partner with the UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Pirineos promotion material and other related elements (i.e. website...).
  • To mention the partner in every promotion of the Geopark, as a collaborating organization.
  • To ask the partner for an annual report of its activities, in order to check the suitability of those activities with the contents, aims and scope of the UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Pirineos and with Articles of Association of the European Geopark Network.
  • To check the implementation and effectiveness of the conditions and requirements specified in the present protocol.

2. The collaborating organization undertakes to fulfil the following obligations by the execution of the present agreement hereby:

  • To display the Sobrarbe Geopark distinctive at its facilities, according to the standard provided by the Sobrarbe County Council and fulfilling the obligations acquired in the present agreement hereby, as well as its contents, according to the principles written in the Articles of Association of the European Geopark Network.
  • To attend, by means of representatives or its own staff, every training course held by the County Council in relation to the Geopark.
  • On the whole, the partner should fulfil the requirements and conditions established in the present agreement hereby.

IV. Term.

The Parties conclude the present Agreement for a definite term of one year. This term could be renewed yearly if the collaborating organization hands an annual report of its activities in to the Sobrarbe County Council in order to check their suitability with the contents of the Geopark and the Articles of Association of the European Geopark Network.

V. Causes of Dissolution.

The dissolution of the present agreement would be caused by:

  • Breach of contract.
  • By the express will of any partner, called by a least a month’s notice.
  • By the termination of the definite term, in case the report of annual activities has not been handed in or, in case it has been handed in, if the offered activities do not suit the contents of the Geopark or the Articles of Association of the European Geoparks Network.

VI. Legislation Applied.

The present protocol has an administrative nature. Parties agree to comply with the Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction in order to solve any dispute which may arise from a breach of terms of this agreement, without disregarding the jurisdiction applying to the derived conflicts, which could entail a different nature.

In witness thereof, the parties execute this protocol and sign each page of this agreement in two original copies on the date and place above mentioned.


Avda. Ordesa 79. 22340 Boltaña. Huesca. 974 518 025.