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GR 14 Secrets of the Guara Mountains

Las Bellostas-Sta. Marina

This route runs through some of the most solitary places in the Sierra de Guara mountain range, frequently visited in some spots but forgotten in many others. Starting at Las Bellostas, it goes towards the abandoned village of Bagüeste, from where there is a magnificent view of the Pyrenees.

As we shall see, the mountain landscape includes not only rivers and canyons but also, unfortunately, the ruins of old villages, now abandoned and forgotten.

The route continues to the Santa Marina hermitage, with spectacular views of the River Balcez canyon and the Guara mountains in general.

For those of you who wish to see more, you can also visit Saltador de Las Lañas, an unusual waterfall at the head of the upper Mascún ravine, returning to the starting point by taking a large circular route that allows you to discover the hidden corners of the Guara mountains, as though they were waiting to be discovered by the more intrepid and curious visitors.

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  • Route: Las Bellostas-Bagüeste. From here we suggest you go up to Santa Marina or, as an option, you can go as far as the Saltador de las Lañas waterfall (upper Mascún) and return to Las Bellostas taking a different route.
  • Type of Route: Circular with the option of turning off as far as the Saltador de las Lañas waterfall.
  • Difficulty level: Medium. The path is not difficult but it is long.
  • Duration:5.5 hours (there and back) if you go up to Santa Marina; 2 hours more (there and back) if you go as far as the Lañas waterfall.
  • Length: 13 kilometres in the first option.
  • Gradient: 850 metres on the climb up (if you go as far as Santa Marina) and the same coming down.
  • Starting point Village of Las Bellostas. To reach the village, take the A-1604, which turns off the N-260 one kilometre beyond Boltaña in the direction of Fiscal. Once on the A-1604, you will pass the Mesón de Fuebla buildings and 1.5 kilometres further on you must turn off onto a narrow road that goes to El Pueyo de Morcat. Continue along this road for a couple of kilometres until you reach Las Bellostas. You can park at the entrance to the village, next to the Nature Reserve panels. You can also access the village Las Bellostas by the A-2205, from Aínsa: once past Arcusa, we will take the road to Paules de Sarsa and we will continue 8 km to reach Las Bellostas.
  • Comments Hard to find drinking water on the route.


  • Route: Góriz Refuge - Brecha de Roland - Mount Taillón (3.146 m)
  • Type of Route: From the summit of Mount Taillón, you must return on the same route or make your way down to the Bujaruelo Mountain Pass.
  • Difficulty level: High mountain
  • Duration: 5 h.
  • Distance 7,9 km.(round trip)
  • Gradient: 1.100 metres ascent, 1,100 metres descent.
  • Starting point Góriz refuge
  • Comments High mountain route in which the usual precautions for this type of routes should be taken. This Geo-Route runs through the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, part of the transboundary site Pyrenees-Monte Perdido, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.At certain times of year it is restricted access by private vehicle to "La Pradera de Ordesa", having an alternative bus service.Information Point of the National Park in Torla. Tel: 974486472
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  • Respect the geological outcrops. Do not break off samples of rock, mineral or fossils; anly take the loose pieces

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