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GR 4 Inside the canyon

Congosto de Entremón

Entremón is one of the most outstanding enclaves among the landscape of Sobrarbe; a spectacular gorge crossed by the River Cinca.

It is difficult to imagine the existence of a route along this narrow canyon flanked by limestone cliffs that rise over 400 metres above the river. The intelligent path followed by the route seems to take advantage of the only possible option in the shape of a natural ledge.

In fact, a section of the rock had to be excavated to build this traditional path.

One of the people who best described the landscape of Sobrarbe, the Pyrenees scholar Lucien Briet, described the Entremón in the early twentieth century as "a long, narrow and winding fissure that uniformly opens into a giant cut of sobering beauty (.)".

With the spectacular backdrop of the limestone cliffs carved out by the tireless effort of the River Cinca, this route shows us how the canyon and the rocks on which it has been carved were formed.

You only need to download the pdf of Geo-Route GR 4 Inside the canyon


  • Route: Entremón Gorge from the bridge over the River Cinca to the Mediano Dam
  • Type of Route: linear (return along the same route).
  • Difficulty level: Medium. The route is easy but an overhang, where special care is required, needs to be crossed and may be tricky for people with fear heights.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours out and the same for the way back.
  • Length 10 kilometres (return).
  • Gradient: 200 metres up and 150 metres down (only one way).
  • Starting point Lay-by on the right hand side of the A-2206 road, near the 18 kilometre mark, between Ligüerre de Cinca and Palo, where various information panels are located. Do not obstruct access to the path that starts at this lay-by.
  • Comments Much of the Geo-route coincides with the El Entremón Bird Watching Route. It crosses an area that is important for birds and, therefore, you must never leave the path or make noise, especially during the nesting and breeding season between December and May. The route coincides with a section of the GR and of the Camino de Santiago in Sobrarbe. If you can arrange vehicles, you can park one at the Mediano Dam and do the same route one way only. RELATED GEO-ROUTES: this route can be complemented with Geo-Route 3, which reaches Samitier chapel and castle, from wher you can enjoy a magnificient view of the Entremón Gorge and of the entire route.
  • Recomentations in your visit to Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geopark

    • Safe visits, unforgettable experiences. There are companies who collaborate with the Geopark where you can hire specialized guides to make your tour a unique and safe experience.
    • Respect the geological outcrops. Do not break off samples of rock, mineral or fossils; anly take the loose pieces

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