Geoparque Unesco

The World of Geoparks

A Geopark recognized by UNESCO is a site boasting a magnificent geological heritage because of its scientific, didactic and aesthetical values. Its inhabitants are committed to a strategy of socio-economic sustainable development that includes the promotion and preservation of the natural and cultural values of the region, allowing many forthcoming generations to enjoy them and learn from them.

A Geopark represents a way of managing and profiting from the local heritage, according to the working model approved by UNESCO. It is not a new legal means to preserve the environment, nor does it limit the use of the region beyond the enforced legislation in each country.

Each Geopark commits to the following guidelines:

  • 1. Preserving geological heritage.
  • 2. Developing educational programs and promoting them to the general public, focusing on Earth Sciences and their relationship with the environment.
  • 3. Contributing to the sustainable socio-economic and cultural development of the region
  • 4. Taking part actively in multicultural cooperation to maintain the diversity of the geological, ecological and cultural heritage.
  • 5. Promoting proper research in the region.
  • 6. Contributing to the development of the Geopark Network, exchanging experiences and taking part in joint initiatives.

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