Geoparque Unesco

The Big Rivers Trail

COLLABORATING ENTITIES OF THE GEOPARK: on your trip to the Unesco Sobrarbe-Pyrenees World Geopark look for them and enjoy their welcome and services.

Day 1

ROUTE: Aínsa - Jánovas - Broto - Ordesa Valley - Torla - Broto - Guaso - Aínsa

TYPE OF ROUTE: A linear route by car (there and back on the same road).

Includes a visit to: :

STARTING POINT: From Aínsa take the N-260 main road towards Boltaña.

1st STOP: Jánovas viewpoint

After the two tunnels and the Janovas Gorge you'll get to the highest point of the road and the Janovas viewpoint which is at a stopping point on the left hand side of the road. From here you'll get great views of the Ara valley, the village of Janovas, the Canciás sierra and the Solana to the north-east.

Jánovas Gorge.

2nd STOP: The waterfalls trail in the Ordesa Valley

It's well worth going straight up to the Ordesa valley. Bear in mind that in the summer months and at other peak visitor dates you'll have to leave your vehicle at the Visitor centre car park in Torla. From there you can take any of the shuttle buses that run up to the "Pradera de Ordesa".

Once there, you can take an easy walk along the "Ruta de las Cascadas" which is part of the PN 1. Ordesa Valley Geo-route. You'll be able to visit the emblematic waterfalls of Arripas, El Estrecho and La Cueva. To get there you just have to walk along the most transited path that leads up to "Las Gradas de Soaso" and "La Cola de Caballo.

In our opinion, it's not necessary to go right up to the Cola de Caballo waterfall, because there are plenty of other interesting places to see before returning to the starting point.

At the "Pradera de Ordesa" you can come back down the same path or take the one that comes down the other side of the River.

Pradera de Ordesa.

El Estrecho waterfall.

La Cueva waterfall.

3rd STOP: The road between Ordesa and Torla

Once back at the "Pradera de Ordesa", if the car park is open at that time, you can drive back down to Torla, pulling in at the stopping points that can be found along the road.

Ordesa in Autumn.

The river and autumnal landscapes of Ordesa.

4th STOP: Looking North from Torla

Make a stop in Torla where as well as visiting the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park visitors centre, we recommend you park your car next to the road on the stretch just north of the parish church and the tunnel. You'll get a great panoramic view of Mondarruego. The geological landscape you see from here is described at Point 1 of the PN 1. Ordesa Valley Geo-route.

If you go up to the church the view is even better.

Torla with Mondarruego in the background.

The River and Mondarruego.

5th STOP: The Sorrosal waterfall in Broto

Broto is your next stop.

Take the footpath up to the Sorrosal waterfall. To do this you should read the instructions and geological description of the Geo-Route GR 8 Iron Age Elements. The walk up to the Sorrosal waterfall is easy. It's a 10 minute walk from the centre of Broto.

You can also reach the Table 5. A geological race.

Sorrosal waterfall.

Sorrosal waterfall in the background.

6th STOP: Guaso

Before going back to Aínsa, where you'll end the day, take the turn off to Guaso from Boltaña. At the top of the village next to the parish church and the Esconjuradero, you will find Table 3. An ocean of rocks.

Esconjuradero, Guaso.

7th STOP: Geology walk through the streets of Ainsa

To round the day off, take a gentle stroll around Ainsa's medieval quarter and discover its geological curiosities and features. You can use the Geo-Route GR 2 Aínsa: a town between two rivers as a guide.

River Cinca and Peña Montañesa views from Aínsa's Church viewpoint.

Day 2

ROUTE: Pineta Valley - Bielsa - Aínsa - Ligüerre de Cinca - Entremón Gorge

TYPE OF ROUTE: This is a route that goes down through the Sobrarbe-Pirineos Geo-park from north to south, following the course of the River Cinca.

Includes the following visits:

STARTING POINT: From Aínsa take the A-138 main road towards Bielsa and France.

1st STOP: Pineta Valley

From Aínsa take the main road towards France. Just after Bielsa take the turn off on the left to the Pineta Valley. Drive to the end of the road where you'll find the Pineta car park. From here you have several options. One of them, and probably the easiest, is to walk up the main path until you reach the first bridge over the River Cinca. We wouldn't recommend continuing up to the Cinca Waterfall because you won't have time to make the rest of the proposed stops on this second day.

It's well worth looking at the first sections of the PN 5 Bielsa-La Larri Valley Geo Route.

Pineta Circus. The classic U shape of a glacial valley is clearly visible.

La Larri waterfalls.

The Sucarraz water source.

2nd STOP: Along the River Cinca, between Bielsa and Aínsa

There are plenty of parking spots on the road where you can make stops on your way down from Bielsa to Ainsa. You'll be able to see the variations in the the Cinca's fluvial landscape through its changing lithology.

Las Devotas Gorge.

The River Cinca with "Castillo Mayor" in the background.

Aínsa and the River Cinca.

3rd STOP: Braided rivers

Before continuing to the south of Sobrarbe, make a stop in Aínsa. Park your vehicle in the Castle car park and from there you can take the path to the viewpoint and Table 9. Braided rivers (La Serreta de Aínsa).

Table 9. Braided rivers.

4th STOP: Geo Route GR4 Inside the Canyon. Entremón Gorge

Continue south along the A-138 toward Barbastro until Mesón de Ligüerre. Here take the turn off to the left towards Ligüerre de Cinca and Palo.

Just after the bridge over the River Cinca you can park your vehicle in a parking area to the right of the road. (at Km 18).

From here walk up the road (100 metres) until you reach the start of the GR 4 Inside the Canyon Geo-route into the "Entremon" on the left.

  • Route: Entremón Gorge from the bridge over the River Cinca to the Mediano Dam.
  • Type of route: Linear (return along the same route).
  • Difficulty level: Medium. The route is easy but an overhang, where special care is required, needs to be crossed and may be tricky for people with fear heights.
  • Duration: 1,5 hours out and the same for the way back.
  • Length: 10 kilometres (return).
  • Gradient: 200 metres up and 150 metres down (only one way).

Entremón Gorge.

Gorge's views.

Views form Mediano Dam.

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