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Sobrarbe Geopark at FITUR

The Naturtejo Geopark (Portugal) offered the Sobrarbe Geopark to share its stand in the FITUR Tourism Fair, held from 30th January to 3rd February. Therefore, some members of the staff of the Sobrarbe County Office of Tourism represented Sobrarbe County in the Fair in order to promote the Geopark. During the Fair, some regional gastronomic products tasting evenings were organized, in order to collaborate in their promotion and popularization.

The President of the County Council, Mr. Enrique Campo, attended a meeting with representatives of other Geoparks in the Iberian Peninsula, who were also representing their Geoparks in the Fair.

El presidente de la Comarca de Sobrarbe y la informadora de la Oficina Comarcal de Turismo

Representantes del Geoprque de Naturtejo y de Sobrarbe

Recording and Broadcasting of “La Aventura del Saber” TV program on channel 2 by the Spanish Television.

On 22nd and 23rd February, a TV crew from “La aventura del saber” TV program (The adventure of knowing) on channel 2 by the Spanish Television visited Sobrarbe County in order to record a program on the Sobrarbe Geopark. Later, the President of the Geopark visited Madrid in order to be recorded for the same program. It was broadcasted on channel 2 as well as on the TVE International channel in its regular time slot.

El Presidente de la Comarca de Sobrarbe en Aínsa

Ana Ruiz, Gerente de la Comarca de Sobrarbe en la Oficna Comarcal de Turismo en Aínsa

En la Serreta de Aínsa

A. Belmonte con las Tres Serols de fondo

Atardecer en Tella

At the same time that the program was being recorded, a guided tour along several points of geological interest was planned by the Geopark. Some members of the Geopark Advisory Board collaborated. Attendants were happy and expressed their wish to participate again in this kind of activities.

Visita guiada en Pineta

Technical Conferences for Tourism Information Agents

On 21st and 22nd May, Technical Conferences for Tourism Information Agents were held and organized by the Sobrarbe Tourism Association, with the support of the Geopark, since a part of the programme was devoted to the cultural heritage in our Geopark.

Sobrarbe Geopark at the International Expo in Saragossa

The day 30th August was devoted to Sobrarbe County in the International Expo in Saragossa. For that purpose, several activities were planned, such as traditional music and dance exhibitions. In the Sobrarbe stand, visitors were informed about our tourism resources and some merchandising and flyers of the Geopark were handed out to visitors and passers-by. Sobrarbe County was also present in the Aragon Pavilion thanks to the displays permanently installed inside.

1st National Congress on Rural Sustainable Development

This congress was held in September in Saragossa. The President of the Geoparks and the Promotion Technician of the County attended the congress together with representatives of the company AVIVA RURAL S.C., to whom a grant had been awarded equivalent to the registration fee for the congress on rural sustainable development. This company was responsible for the design of a poster and the introduction of the Sobrarbe Geopark in the Congress, aiming to promote and popularize our Geopark in this event.

Program recording by ARAGON TV.

On 6th and 7th October, a TV crew from Aragon TV recorded a report on the Sobrarbe Geopark, to be broadcasted on 2nd November in “El Tempero” TV program. Images of the Geopark Space were recorded, besides some points of geological interest (Añisclo Peak, the Highland Rock, Bestué, the Sorrosal Waterfall in Broto, the mines in Parzán), our cultural heritage in Aínsa and the Sobrarbe Museum of Paleontology in Lamata. The President of the Geopark, the Manager, the Scientific Director, Mrs. Belén Oliva from the Saragossa University, Mr. Jesús Cardiel and the Archive and County Heritage Technician appeared in this report.

El Técnico de Patrimonio de la Comarca de Sobrarbe en las calles de Aínsa

Belén Oliva en la Cascada del Sorrosal en Broto

Jesús Cardiel en su Museo dela Paleontología de Lamata

In the Astronomy Conferences in Huesca.

The Sobrarbe Geopark let the Sobrarbe Tourism Association place an exhibition panel at our stand at the Astronomy Conferences held in Huesca, in order to promote the Geopark.

COTIELLA “The Sea of Stones”. Exhibition on the underground World

On 6th December, the exhibition “COTIELLA, the Sea of Stones” was open at the Assembly Hall in Plan, devoted to the underground world hidden in this massif within Sobrarbe County.

The exhibition is possible thanks to the support of several institutions: the Sobrarbe County Council, the Sobrarbe Geopark, the Plan Town Council and the Cotiella Scientific Association of Speleology, aiming to popularize the knowledge about the numerous speleological explorations carried out during the last 40 years in the Cotiella Massif, and to popularize the high geological values in this mountain massif.

The Town Council in Plan and the Sobrarbe County Council, within the Sobrarbe Geopark framework, executed an agreement to collaborate in funding this exhibition, which was going to be temporaryly exhibited in the Town Hall in Plan, where the required space would be equipped for this very purpose.

The Cotiella Scientific Association of Speloelogy was responsible for coordinating the exhibition, collecting and arranging in eight panels every work and research made during the last 40 years by speleological groups in the Cotiella Massif. After the introductory information about the Cotiella Massif, we find information about its geological formation, its karstic morphology and hydrology, a historical summary of its explorations, the distribution of the work areas and topographic tasks, together with a myriad of images.

The exhibition has been developed in coloquial language, addressing a large public, in order to popularize natural values, usually unknown. It also wants to be a didactic tool in order to teach how caves are formed, highlighting their importance in the geology of the Sobrarbe Geopark.

The Geopark at the Schools in Sobrarbe

The Geopark Space is being promoted in the Primary Schools in the county, as well as in the Sobrarbe Secondary School, which has already planned a guided tour to show its students the Geopark Space. The County has provided teachers with information about the contents of the Geopark, in order to get acquainted with the space previous to the visit.

From the beginning of this academic year, a Project, already approved by the Geopark, is being implemented currently, known as “The Geopark at schools”:

It consists in an activity of environmental education with the purpose of popularizing the Pyrenees Geological Park. On the first quarter of the academic year, it was developed during three sessions at school (the first one lasting two hours and the second and third ones lasting one hour) and one radio session of one hour. The attendants were second and third grade primary school students and first cycle secondary school students. The schools involved in the project are: Boltaña (2 groups), Broto (2 groups), Paules and Tierrantona.

The activity was held during several sessions, along which students got acquainted with the concepts of the Geopark and Sustainable Development. For this purpose, several activities were developed:

  • Research and article writing on the heritage in the Geopark, carried out by couples made up by a young person and an elderly one.
  • Mural painting expressing our common wishes about how we expect our villages and county to be in the future.
  • Advice to write a journal article. Some articles would be published monthly in a specific section of our local journal, and all of them will be exhibited at the County Hall during the Geopark Week held in June.
  • Assess acquired knowledges according to funny group dynamics, being recorded on radio and used to explain contents to neighbours in the county.
  • Quiz on Geopark contents. The quiz was recorded on radio in order to popularize the concept of the Geopark and the activities developed at schools among neighbours in the county by means of our local radio (Radio Sobrarbe). Participants were awarded with prizes sponsored by companies established in our county and devoted to active tourism and hospitality.

First articles have been published on the December issue of our local journal, known as La Crónica de Sobrarbe, in a fix section devoted to the Geopark. Following articles will be published until December next year.

Exposición realizada con los trabajos de los escolares

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